Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When San Francisco writer Tim Kingston told me about the Fenceberry news service he cautioned me not to just send an email with "subscribe" in the subject line. "These are real people" he said, "Not an automated mail server."

I was pleased to get a personalized email from Aleta acknowledging my subscription request, and that email was the first of many that we would exchange as our friendship grew over the years. Even though she was managing a mailing list of over a thousand, Aleta made time to get to know many of us. I was always amazed that as she scoured the Internet for her "Articles" she invariably spotted her reader's names when they appeared in print, and would note that in her re-transmissions.

"Articles" was not only a news clipping service, but for many of us it was a family of sorts. I, and I am sure, many others feel as if we have lost a family member with Aleta's passing. I am just glad that I had a chance to meet Aleta and Jean in person when they visited San Francisco a few years back.

Aleta, I can think of few others who have impacted the lives of so many others in such a positive way. I shall sorely miss you.

Paul Barwick, San Francisco


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