Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To Friends of Aleta - I wanted to share my thoughts...She will be dearly missed. Mike Triggs

Jean - We are so sorry to hear of Aleta's passing. Will have a toast to our many fond memories of her at dinner this evening. We so enjoyed your stays with us and will especially remember having our pictures taken with the LOVE statue in the Scottsdale Civic Center Park and our visit to the Botanical Gardens in Montreal while we were at GALA.

Jean please know that you are always welcome to stay with us again during at future visit to our Arizona...having both grown up in the Midwest we know how long those winters can be. And as an added bonus we have removed all pictures of GHWB (41) or anything with the words Republican on it! :>) Rick says it is now a guest room...not a SHRINE.

We love you both and always will. Mike Triggs and Rick Wade - Scottsdale, AZ

Another note from Mike Triggs

Jean - Had it not been for the DAILY Articles that the two of you sent out, I might still be in the Closet, un-partnered and still a card carrying Republican. You opened my eyes, you allowed me to know that I had a political calling but no necessarily a calling with an "R" behind it.

Because of you and other gay men and lesbians I read about in Articles I developed the courage to speak out when I saw things that were wrong, and work to right them. (You'll be happy to know we beat Scottsdale #! HOMOPHOBE Colette Rosati in last weeks Primary. She is history and I helped)

I will continue to write letters to the editor/guest opinions until the day full equality is achieved...at that point I'll probably be living in Sun City and tap dancing or sky diving will be my new challenges.

I have also learned that eventually we all walk the same path...we just take different routes to get there. Thank you and Aleta for sending me on a short cut to a happy and proud gay life. No more looking back, no more worrying about what someone will think. No more!

I will miss seeing Aleta in Miami at the next GALA in 2008 but will make a point of hearing her River City Mixed Chorus.

Mike Triggs

Note: If you would like to post rememberences, photos etc. onto the site, you can either leave them as a comment, and I will move them up to the status of a posting, or you can email them to me at paulbarwick@mindspring.com and I will post them.


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