Tuesday, September 26, 2006

See this one of many articles when FenceBerrys signed off. I have submitted some letters and ideas to Southern Voice again in hopes that publish a tribute to Aleta.
Jean and Aleta were there for me with comfort and empowerment each time we needed support in deep south "Jawja" just like they were always available to those of us anywhere we lived. They guided me and trained me and cheered each time I got a letter published.
I am so thrilled that they have chosen the ACLU as one of the benefiting organizations in lieu of flowers. We know they loved their garden so and loved the chorus so much. Aleta's work continues daily around the globe. In fact, we have a little activism event related to Michael Bowers (of Bowers V Hardwick) planned this coming Oct 3rd here in Atlanta.
We all thank Jean and Aleta for their empowering work!!!
Floyd Taylor


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