Thursday, September 28, 2006

Photo by Alan Light

Although I never met either of you in person, I still have and still treasure two photographs, one with the two of you and the grandchildren and the other of just the two of you when you signed off after eight years.

For most of those eight years you made life better for me by bringing me news on the subjects that interested me more than any other subjects. I don't know exactly when it was in that eight-year period that I came in. My guess is that it must have been pretty close to the beginning.

Aleta and Jean made my life better. Aleta's children can be proud of how much she did to make life better for so many other people. Witness the other messages coming in these days!

No service since has been so exactly on the mark for me in giving me the news I want. At eighty-five, I won't last too much longer myself, but be assured that as long as this ancient eccentric is still around, the part Aleta played in his life will be among his fondest memories.

Hugs and kisses!

Will Klump


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