Thursday, September 28, 2006

My partner, Therese, and I have known Aleta and Jean for many years. We don't socialize a LOT, but manage to get together about twice a year, usually for a play or something. A dinner.

One time about two years ago, Therese and I decided to have a football get-together when the Huskers were being televised. We decided that since we hadn't seen Aleta and Jean for awhile, we would invite them to watch the game with us.

Now, Therese and I are both huge Husker fans and we naturally figured that everyone who lived in Nebraska would be that way too. It honestly never occurred to us that maybe Jean and Aleta were not rabid fans as we were. We called and Aleta accepted our invitation. She asked tentatively if the Huskers were any good this year. That should have been our big clue. It wasn't.

The day arrived and Aleta showed up alone. Said that Jean had a headache and couldn't make it. She then walked into our house and looked just a little horrified at our um...decorations. We had Husker plates, serving bowls, cups, tablecloths. Even our SILVERWARE had the Husker emblem on it.

We sat down to watch the game after loading up our plates. After about a half hour, it became painfully clear to me that not only was Aleta not a big Husker fan, but that she knew very little about football in general. I heard a faint snort and looked over to see her asleep in the chair. During halftime, I accidentally on purpose nudged her chair as I walked by and she started awake, sitting up, eyes wide open, trying so hard to be polite.

We laughed and suggested that maybe it was time to go home. She laughed back and apologized profusely for falling asleep. It wasn't the company, she admitted, it was the GAME. She just didn't see the point of all that slamming around and acting so stupid about a ball.

When she left, we promised to get together again soon and do something that we ALL liked. And we did. We went for a pizza and then to a play. Not one of us fell asleep. I have since teased Aleta many times about inviting her over for another Husker game and promised her to buy her a Husker tee shirt of her very own to wear.....

She has always been a very good sport.

Laura Dugan


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