Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My heartfelt sympathy to Jean and the rest of Aleta’s family on her untimely passing. As I read the many e-mails that have been sent I realize what a profound affect Aleta had on us all.

Aleta and I were co-workers first and then good friends. We were different in many ways. Aleta was gay, I’m straight. Aleta was a Democrat and I’m a Re.. well, not a Democrat. Aleta was a talented and gifted musician, I can play the radio. But we came to discover through our friendship that we were also very alike. We both enjoyed good food, good wine and good books. We both are very proud of our children and loved being grandmas. We both deeply love our significant others. The difference is that I could marry mine and Aleta could not – and this is a right that I will continue to fight for in Aleta’s memory.

I was fortunate to be able to visit with Aleta during her illness and spend several hours with her on the day before she passed away. I will miss my friend.

Linda Crymes


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