Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I met Aleta virtually through the "Articles" like so many other people, but once she and Jean moved to Omaha, the town where I gree up, I was finally able to meet her and Jean in person. Of course both of them were as wonderful in person as they were behind a computer screen. We became good friends and we would often stop and chat every few months when Dave and I would travel back to Omaha. One memory of Aleta that really comes to mind is several years ago when Fenceberry Central, the computer upon which the Articles were sent out crashed in a serious way, and Aleta took the computer and drove all the way down to Lawrence so Dave could fix it. It was (obviously) a spur of the moment thing, but Aleta's willingness to drive 3 hours for this showed her dedication to this amazing volunteer job of the Articles, and also was a cool surprise for us to get to see our friend. She drove up with the ailing CPU and entrusted it to Dave's good hands, and then we just hung out over the evening...we got some pizza and talked about life and politics as Dave fixed the PC. Finally the job was done and Aleta was able to send out that nights batch of
Articles, a special edition! That was a really cool time. We both miss Aleta so much.

Mike Silverman


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