Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have so many fond memories of both of you. Certainly the endless number of e-mails back and forth concerning the glbt news items that you shared with the community each day. This service made such an enormous contribution to our community. You will never know the number of lives that it touched. There wasn't access to the many newsgroups and endless search capabilities that now exist on the Internet. You and Aleta were the lifeblood of information within the gay community. You provided a vital link that enabled people to communicate a call to action in response to negative news or a broad thank you when things went well. I remember sending you new people to include on the list and news items to include in your next "send."

I also have such fond memories of precious times that we got to spend together when business trips brought me to Omaha and I got to be a guest in your lovely home. We shared precious times together. We shared great meals and endless chats. One memory stands out in my mind in meeting my friend Teresa one day. Teresa had recently moved from San Diego to Omaha (which she jokingly called "OhMaGod!" It was definitely a big change for her after living in San Diego. We met her for drinks as she had just had her nails and hair done. We had set up that one of you would look at her nails and jokingly pull out a nail clipper. When that happened Teresa instinctively pulled back her hand in horror. The four of us howled for a good four minutes once she realized that we were all joking.

I miss you both and love you both.
Much love,
John Selig


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