Thursday, September 28, 2006

I first met Aleta in Sioux City, Iowa when she began as the organist of the First Christian Church there where I was pastor.

I was just out of seminary, unsure of myself and cocky at the same time. She and I butted heads over something musical-perhaps tempos for hymns???-and when she quietly stood her ground and began to teach me a thing or two about music.

I learned 2 things:

1) musicians DO know more about music than I do!

2) every person has a story and a history; I am called to listen first and then respond.

I owe a great deal to her. Every other musician that I have worked with in these 27 years of ministry has told me how great it is to work with someone who respects their musical knowledge. Thanks, Aleta. And she was one of those great early teachers who helped me understand how to begin when there is conflict-ask a question and listen. And listen some more.

I think that she would be surprised how she shaped my ministry, but she has. It is a joy, even in this saddest of times, to once again walk with her in gratitude and friendship.

I love you, Aleta.

Nancy Brink


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