Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I feel a huge absence in my life. I had the privilege to visit Aleta and Jean a number of times as business brought me to Omaha and I would try and plan meetings to that I could spend an extra day or two with them. Both Aleta & Jean have been true heroines for our community. I can tell you that when I visited that one or the other was on the computer hours upon hours each day gathering articles, packaging them together, sending them out and responding to huge amounts of e-mail.

I was fortunate to receive the articles even before Jean & Aleta took over this amazing news feed. I was able to sign-up a bunch of folks in the community and often would send along articles and action items.

Today the Internet provides us instant access to endless amounts of information thanks to news serves and enhanced search engines like Google, podcasts, blogs, news sites like HuffingtonPost.com and even news of importance updated regularly on the major different GLBT web sites. Back when Jean & Aleta took on Fenceberry, they truly were the "eye on the news" for the entire GLBT community. We depended upon them too alert us to the important news stories of the day. More importantly they provided the needed tools so that we could take action. When a negative article or letter appeared, thanks to Jean and Aleta, we could jump all over it. So often Jean and Aleta would publish a letter to the editor or a story that involved one or more Articles Subscribers.

We all became a special family thanks to Jean & Aleta. They proved that one doesn't have to live in New York, Washington, D.C., LA or San Francisco to have an impact on the GLBT community and our fight for equal rights. They made a huge contribution right from a spare bedroom in their lovely home in Omaha, Nebraska. They made a contribution that changed all of our lives and also opened the eyes of mainstream America through the actions that their subscribers were able to take based on the critical information that they provided.

I miss Aleta terribly and my love for Jean is boundless. Thank you both for touching my life so dearly. Thank you for providing an extremely special extended family.

Much love,

John R. Selig
Dallas, TX


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