Thursday, September 28, 2006

Aleta and Jean were kind enough to invite me and my partner, Sandy, to stay with them when I was in Omaha on business a few years ago; we'd been a part of the Fenceberry "family" for a while before that. We had a wonderful time, one that we especially treasure in memory now. We remember the loving pride with which Aleta showed us your pictures, Michelle and J.J., and the delight with which she told us about you and about her grandchildren, both then and later.

Sadly, we never heard Aleta sing, but if her beautiful speaking voice is any indication--and we're sure it is!--her singing voice must have been magnificent; we can hear her speaking still, in memory, and are glad we've had a recent reminder of her voice over the phone. Aleta's tireless work on keeping those of us in the gay community abreast of the times when there was
little information easily available from other sources is a gift from her that has made her a hero to many, many grateful people. She and Jean both will always have a vitally important place GLBT history; how proud and pleased we were to see both their pictures in The Advocate!

We think our most vivid memory of Aleta and the picture our minds' eyes will see forever is of her, late at night, sitting at her computer, typing yet another article to send out to all the Fenceberry subscribers. And we will always remember the quiet wisdom with which she spoke in conversations both serious and casual. It is terribly cruel that cancer has so prematurely taken her from you and Jean, and from all of us who knew and loved her; it is small consolation now, we know, but we truly believe that a person is never really gone as long as she is remembered by those who knew and loved her. And Aleta, who was herself loving, certainly was loved, and certainly will be remembered!

Nancy Garden & Sandy Scott


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